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    Hung Up on Social Media

    I’m hung up on social media and it’s a bad thing. There are times throughout the week where I sit and scroll endlessly through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. I justify it by saying, “I need to be on all these platforms so I can connect with readers.” I thoroughly enjoy communicating with my readers and keeping in touch with them is very important to me, but it’s easy to get stuck on the social media merry-go-round; the critical stuff is taken care of pretty quickly. I also listen to podcasts a lot, and some of them have little redeeming value.

    A former bigwig from Facebook let the cat out of the bag a while ago, confirming that the social media network was geared for addiction. Well, count me as addicted. It’s not healthy to spend much time looking at everyone else’s highlight reel and, inevitably, compare their lives to my own. I do it a lot and it’s rare to log out feeling better about myself than I did when I logged in.

    What else could I be doing with that time? I could halter and brush each horse every day. I could go shooting or practice archery. Here’s a thought: I could write. As an author, that’s a pretty important piece of the puzzle. Pretty much everything I complain about not having the time to do could be accomplished if I’d just quit zoning out.

    It’s easy to fall into the screen-time trap when everyone else seems to be looking at their phones. And I think that I—like a lot of people—need some time to just do NOTHING. The problem I’ve got is that I like it too much, and it’s too easy. I’ll have to make some changes.

    I’m going to take Twitter and Instagram off my phone. There, I just did it. That didn’t hurt quite as much as I thought it would. Facebook and Twitter just came off the iPad, too. I’m sorry to say that I probably just bought myself 5-10 hours a week. That’s a pretty substantial amount.

    My social media was getting in the way of enjoying the Big Sky. Go ahead, press X and move on.

    My friend John Harrer has a catchy tagline at the end of each episode of the Whoa Podcast. (I know, the irony is not lost on me). He wraps up every episode by saying, “Go have some fun with your horse!” I think I’ll follow John’s advice. Chance the Bay Wonder is looking a little fuzzy and I’ve got a curry comb with his name on it.


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